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Groovalizacion is a global DJ collective that features an outstanding selection of worldwide mixes by its roster of contributors including DJ iZem, Kiko de Gallo, DJ Cucurucho, DJ Cheech and others. Groovalizacion is run by iZem. His international travels are reflected in his mixes, blending the hip-hop of his childhood to Buenos Aires cumbia to the morrocan underground scene.

Radio Groovalizacion website

DJ IZem Mix A truly global affair


DJ iZem – Bomba Estéreo GroOvalizacion Remix

Dj iZem – Andy Palacio Remix

Groovalizacion is a collective and open project, carried out with the contribution of its valued listeners (you). You can take part in many ways:


send us articles about albums, bands, events, discographies… so they can be published in our News section.


if you are a DJ (or know interesting musicians) you can send us tunes, concerts, radio programmes or DJ sets so they can be played on our radio or appear on our Podcast section.


if there is something you don’t like or you think something can be improved do not hesitate to let us know and leave some comments. Of course we also appreciate your encouragements.

Groovalizacion web_radio is :

Jérémie Moussaid Kerouanton (DJ iZem), Toni Polo (DJ Cucurucho), Arnaud Danielou, Bertrand Porhel, Miguel Dorneles (DJ Cheech), Antonio Pires, Benjamin Rivalland (, Stephane Le Roux, Nicolas Lhullier, Luis Rei, Cécile Fayolle (, Kiko Morillo (Kiko de Gallo), Miguel Amorós, Valeria de Caprio, Erik Perera…

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