Baaba Maal Releases Television Produced in Collaboration with Brazilian Girls

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With its subtle blending of electronic dance elements with the timeless tradition of West African musical traditions, Television is a groundbreaking successor to 2001’s Grammy-nominated Missing You. As he has made clear, Baaba Maal’s mission in West Africa extends beyond his music. He is committed to the concerns of families, young people and the future of the continent, as is reflected in his role as Youth Emissary for the United Nations’ Development Program.

The enigmatically named title-track refers to the relatively recent phenomenon in Africa of ubiquitous TV screens. “The television set is like a stranger you didn’t ask for coming into your living-room,” explains Baaba. “You don’t care about who he is: he just seems to come from nowhere and gives you information.”

Now available digitally world wide, Television was made in London and Dakar, the Senegalese capital. Baaba Maal worked on its eight songs with various musicians, but most specifically in a collaboration throughout the recording with singer Sabina Sciubba and keyboardist Didi Gutman, both members of New York’s Brazilian Girls, who blend electronic dance music with a diversity of eclectic styles.

FREE song!
Download ‘Television’, the first single (right click to save)
Baaba Maal Remix Competition – Enter To Win
To celebrate the release, Palm Pictures and Giant Step are launching a competition to find a new, fresh remix of the album’s high-energy track “International”. The winning entry will be selected by Baaba Maal himself and the remix will be released on his official website. The challenge is to keep the spirit of experimentation and fusion alive to create an innovative remix, so if you’ve got creativity flowing through your veins and a love of moulding music to make your own, this is the competition for you!

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