John C. Tripp is a graphic designer and art director with many years of experience with publications, advertising agenices, financial service firms and personal projects.

His work includes editorial, identity, packaging, and creative direction. For a number of years he worked with MacTemps, in San Francisco, Boston and Miami. Tripp was named MacTemp’s “Temp of the Year” in Miami for his services.

In Miami Tripp played a critical role with several Miami-based publications. For “Ocean Drive” magazine, Tripp was Advertising Designer for all clients of the magazine in its first year. He was also an Art Director for “Destination Jamaica”, traveling to the island and creating ads for resorts, retailers and restaurants.

Publishing is in Tripp’s blood and he has published several small, but influential, magazines. His first “zine”, “Ipso Facto” was an early prototype for today’s music/design magazines. Starting the publication while in college, Tripp moved it to San Francisco. There, he tapped into the city’s music and design culture, covering the nascent hip hop and electronic music scene. He also collaborated with leading graphic artists like Tom Bonauro and Rex Ray. “Ipso Facto” was a pioneer in desktop publishing, being one of the first to use it for 4-color separations.

Exhibiting his diverse skills, Tripp has worked with leading financial services and consulting firms such as Deloitte Touche, where he created four-color client proposals while on assignment with MacTemps. Tripp has also worked for Booz Allen & Hamilton, DSL Direct, Scudder and Morgan Stanley, creating presentations and collateral.

Like today’s multi-faceted culture Tripp’s work reflects a myriad of influences. Versatility, creativity and experience are strengths he brings to any project. And since technology is a great part of today’s design, his knowledge of computer applications is excellent. He is well versed in both print- and web-oriented applications.

In today’s fast-paced environment, the importance of deadlines cannot be under-estimated and Tripp work under deadline pressures with ease. He is accustomed to a fast-paced environment where multiple projects, deadlines, meetings occur simultaneously. He is also a team-player and interact well with others.

It is his breadth of experience, versatile skills, a can-do attitude and immense creativity that makes Tripp a great match for clients who want to see results.


  • B.A. Journalism Journalism University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications 1985 – 1987 The University of Florida Department of Journalism has consistently been ranked among the top 10 journalism programs in the nation and has a long tradition of producing award-winning student journalists. The Department of Journalism’s mission is to: Teach the art and craft of excellent journalism; Study journalism and related subjects; Foster an appreciation for accuracy, fairness, truth and diversity; Develop and cultivate an understanding of the rights, roles and responsibilities of news media professionals and scholars in a democratic society; Support the missions of the College of Journalism and Communications and the University of Florida.
  • Bacelor of Science Communication Communication SUNY Fredonia 1982 – 1984 Study of communication theory, public relations, audio production and graphics.