Brazilian Tropicália Paid Tribute to on Red Hot + Rio 2

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It’s fitting that Red Hot + Rio 2 would pay tribute to Brazil’s Tropicália movement since both exhibit a desire to act on social-political issues through music. Red Hot + Rio 2 is the natural successor to the 1996 original Bossa Nova inspired Red Hot + Rio.

Owing its roots to musical tolerance and innovation, the arrival of Tropicália on the scene began in the 1960s. Despite its success, the movement lasted few years, its influence on Brazilian music was broad and far-reaching.

Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil

Politically engaged lyrics and artistic forms of activism drove much of the movement following the coup of 1964. Its initial leaders, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, were incarcerated by the military government over the political content of their work. Their 1968 collaboration album Tropicália: ou Panis et Circencis is largely considered the musical manifesto of the movement. The two, along with other artists commonly associated with the movement, experimented with unusual time signatures and other means of unorthodox song structures.

After two months, Veloso and Gil were released and exiled to London by the military government, where they lived until 1972. “Others in the Tropicalismo movement were less fortunate; several underwent torture or were forced into ‘psychiatric care’.  Not unlike what those living with AIDS today face daily in countries where violence and ostracization are part of the culture.

Red Hot + Rio 2, a pays tribute to late 60’s Brazilian Tropicália movement with over 30 original collaborations between Brazil’s legendary musicians and today’s international indie artists including John Legend, Os Mutantes, Devendra Banhart, Caetano Veloso, Dirty Projectors, Seu Jorge, Beck, Bebel Gilberto, José Gonzalez, Beirut, Tom Zé, Of Montreal, Marisa Monte Gogol Bordello, DJ Dolores, Aloe Blacc, Angelique Kidjo, Rita Lee, Madlib, Money Mark, Céu, Apollo Nove, Mayra Andrade, Trio Mocotó, Tha Boogie, Alice Smith, Carlinhos Brown, Los Van Van, Brazilian Girls, Marcos Valle, St. Vincent, Neon Indian, Forró In The Dark, Mia Doi Todd, Javelin, and many more.

As with all Red Hot projects, proceeds from Rio 2 will benefit HIV/AIDS related charities. The first Red Hot + Rio raised over $1 million dollars as did the organization’s most recent album, Dark Was The Night (featuring 2011 Grammy winner for best album, Arcade Fire, The National, Feist, Grizzly Bear and Bon Iver among others).

Since its inception, Red Hot Organization – a not-for-profit production company – has produced over 16 albums and donated over $10 million dollars to worthy organizations, causes and projects around the world. Its mission is to raise awareness and money to fight AIDS/ HIV and related health and social issues. To date the Red Hot organization has sold more than three million albums and has co-produced performances at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Radio City Music Hall, Central Park Summer Stage and more.

Released: Jun 28, 2011

Released By The Red Hot Organization / Entertainment One Music

Free Songs from Red Hot + Rio 2

Mia Doi Todd + José González: “Um Girassol da Cor do Seu Cabelo”

Beirut: “O Leãozinho”



01 Alice Smith + Aloe Blacc: “Baby”
02 Beck + Seu Jorge: “Tropicália (Mario C 2011 Remix)”
03 Mia Doi Todd + José González: “Um Girassol da Cor do Seu Cabelo
04 Quadron: “Samba de Verão
05 Vanessa da Mata + Seu Jorge & Almaz: “Boa Reza
06 John Legend: “Love I’ve Never Known”
07 Aloe Blacc + Clara Moreno: “Nascimento (Rebirth) – Scene 2″
08 Curumin: “Ela (Ticklah Remix)”
09 Aloe Blacc + Alice Smith: “Baby (Old Dirty Baby Dub Version)”
10 Superhuman Happiness + Cults: “Um Canto de Afoxé Para o Bloco do Ilê
11 Om’Mas Keith: “Mistérios
12 Forró in the Dark + Brazilian Girls + Angelique Kidjo: “Aquele Abraço
13 Mia Doi Todd: “Canto de Iemanjá
14 Caetano Veloso: “Terra (Prefuse 73 ‘3 Mellotrons in a Quiet Room’ Version)”
15 Marisa Monte + Devendra Banhart + Rodrigo Amarante: “ Com a Minha Música
16 Bebel Gilberto: “Acabou Chorare
17 David Byrne + Caetano Veloso: “Dreamworld: Marco de Canaveses

CD2 (Hot):

01 Beirut: “O Leãozinho
02 Tha Boogie: “Panis et Circensis
03 of Montreal + Os Mutantes: “Bat Macumba”
04 Phenomenal Handclap Band + Marcos Valle: “Tudo o Que Você Podia Ser
05 Madlib + Joyce Moreno: “Banana [ft. Generation Match]”
06 Marina Gasolina + Secousse: “Freak le Boom Boom”
07 Money Mark + Thalma de Freitas + João Parahyba: “Tropical Affair”
08 Los Van Van + Carlinhos Brown: “Soy Loco Por Ti, América
09 Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda + Emicida: “Roda”
10 Mayra Andrade + Trio Mocotó: “Berimbau
11 Apollo Nove + Céu + N.A.S.A.: “It’s a Long Way”
12 DJ Dolores + Eugene Hütz + Otto + Fred 04 + Isaar: “A Cidade
13 Javelin + Tom : “Ogodô, Ano 2000″
14 Atom™ + Toshiyuki Yasuda: “Águas de Março [ft. Fernanda Takai + Moreno Veloso]”
15 Twin Danger: “Show Me Love”
16 Rita Lee: “Pistis Sophia”

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