Briefs: Antibalas ‘Rat Race’, Captain Planet’s “The Ningané EP”, Moombahton Rising, Derek Allen ‘DJA’

Summer of Moombahton

Ever since DJ/producer Dave Nada created the tag Moombahton after slowing the Afrojack remix of the Silvio Ecomo & DJ Chuckie song “Moombah” to 108 beats per minute (whose tempo nears that of the reggaeton, thus the label) the dance music sub-genre has been steadily gaining acclaim and momentum.  Moombahton’s rise began last year when Nada released a five track Moombahton EP with the promotional assistance and support of DJ Ayres and DJ Tittsworth at T & A Records. This was followed by an article at Generation Bass that drew even more attention to the genre. With the support of influential tropical DJs like Sabo, Thomas Blondet and Obeyah and its progenitor Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom Moombahton has spared like wildfire, birth a slew of bootleg releases and enormously successful parties like D.C.’s U- Street Music Hall’s Moombahton Massive. Mad Decent records’ “Blow Your Head: Dave Nada Presents Moombahton” selects 15 essential tracks that tell the history, the present and the future of moombahton, furthering the viral spread of the music. Much like dubstep took British bass-oriented dance music into a new era, moombahton promises the same for tropical-bass. The summer is just getting heated up and moombahton will undoubtedly be the soundtrack of many a rooftop, beach and sweaty nightclub party.

More info at Turntable Lab

Antibalas Release ‘Rat Race’

Recorded in Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, and produced by studio owner and Antibalas keyboardist, Victor Axelrod, the 12-inch features an innovative arrangement of the Bob Marley classic “Rat Race”, and “Se Chifló” featuring Spanish vocals by Marcos García.

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Bastard Jazz Recordings Releases Captain Planet’s “The Ningané EP”

After the success of 2009’s “Speakin’ Nuyorican EP” Captain Planet returns back to form on Bastard Jazz Recordings with a dancefloor-destroying 12” steeped in the tough international breakbeat sound that he’s become known for, enlisting the vocal talents of Congolese singer Fredy Massamba on “Ningane”. “Dame Agua” is a fire-breathing Latin scorcher followed by “Macumba” – a down and dirty Samba influenced 108BPM breakbeat joint with  beautiful Portuguese vocals.

More at Bastard Jazz

Derek Allen’s Debut  EP “DJA”

Coming from a background of hip hop and dubstep production Derek Allen has worked with Diplo and Mad Decent records, co-writing Major Lazer’s “Lazer Theme” and “Come On” with Diplo and Tiesto; as well as engineering and additional production for MIA. Derek’s DJA EP combines dozens of his influences into a sound all his own.


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