Los Amigos Invisibles Documentary

La Casa del Ritmo, A Film About Los Amigos Invisibles

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/19017770]

Juan Miguel Marin was the lead singer and drummer for La Rúa and back in 2005, his band toured with Los Amigos Invisibles in the Southeast of the States. Juan’s experience with the LAI on the road was unforgettable; LAI were the first on set, they set up their gear, they even helped La Rúa break down their gear, and they wouldn’t leave the venues until every last fan was able to say hi, get their autograph and talk to them.

This experience opened Juan’s eyes to who LAI really were – 6 incredible, hard-working guys who loved what they did and were truly passionate about their music, their fans, and didn’t take for granted what they do for a living.

Summer 2010, La Casa del Ritmo was born after a chance encounter between Juan and LAI bass player Catire, and a conversation about LAI celebrating 20 years together as a band. 20 AÑOS!

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