Compost Records Releases V.A. – Compost Vocal Selection (Brothers) Merging – Male Vocal Tunes (compiled and mixed by Rupert & Mennert)

To downtempo aficiandados and beat junkikes alike, Compost Records need no introduction. As one of the groundbreaking labels of nu jazz, house and organic sounds, Compost have more than 400 releases to its credit. The variety and full spectrum of Compost’s repertoire has never or rarely been presented in form of a musical genre compilation. Now this rich back catalogue serves as the basis of the label’s new Various Artists digital download compilation series. These releases are compiled or DJ-mixed by Compost’s artists and are available as digital downloads, except in some rare cases very very limited as 500 CDs.

“Compost Records Releases V.A. – Compost Vocal Selection (Brothers) Merging” showcases the vocal talents Robert Owens, Victor Davies, Colonel Red, Marc Frank, Joseph Malik, Ovasoul 7, Jamie Lloyd, Ernesto and many more. The fourteen tracks are a journey through a variety of genres and moods: From the deep folk electronic of Zwicker, the latin-jazz by Intuit and the spoken word by General Electrics to the beats by Wagon Cookin’, Daniel Magg, Phreek Plus One and TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos. Giving you post broken beats by Beanfield and Kyoto Jazz Massive. Ending with some classic crooning from Les Gammas and funky soul by Muallem and Alex Attias.

“Compost Records Releases V.A. – Compost Vocal Selection (Brothers) Merging” was compiled by Rupert & Mennert, residents of Den Helder, The Netherlands. From the depths of the Compost vaults vocal tracks were selected and mixed by Rupert & Mennert. The duo broadcast the radioshow Weird Pigs. They also remix tracks and invent new concepts about making music. One of those mysterious new concepts is called: Brain Connection Series, also on Compost Records. You can expect more Compost Selections from their Rupert & Mennert.


1. Zwicker – Prism (Featuring Serpentine)
2. General Electrics – Take You Out Tonight (Feat. Lateef the Truth Speaker)
3. Intuit – Western Sunrise (Featuring Andy Bey)
4. General Electrics – Facing That Void (Featuring Maroons)
5. Wagon Cookin’ – Start To Play (Featuring Aqeel 72)
6. TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos – Merging (Feat. Robert Owens)
7. Phreek Plus One – True (I Know It) (Featuring Ovasoul7)
8. Beanfield – Someone Like You (Featuring Ernesto)
9. Daniel Magg – Set For Seizure (Featuring Gentlerain)
10. Kyoto Jazz Massive – Deep In Your Mind (Featuring Victor Davies)
11. Les Gammas – All Of Me
12. Alex Attias Presents Mustang – Help Me (Featuring Colonel Red)
13. Joseph Malik – Evil Things (Bobby Hughes Combination remix)
14. Muallem – Holla (There’s Sun In Primrose) (Featuring Marc Frank)