Jazz-Funk Legends the Headhunters Release “Platinum”

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The Headhunters, founded in 1973, were a legendary jazz-funk fusion band immortalized from their recordings and tours with Herbie Hancock. Widely revered throughout the hip-hop community, they collaborated with a number of esteemed rappers for “Platinum.”

Owl Studios is proud to release the bawdy, soulful new CD ‘Platinum’, by The Headhunters. The upcoming album features special appearances by Snoop Dogg, George Clinton, Killah Priest,  and others, as the pioneering band lays down the grooves that let their guest vocalists/rappers shine. The amalgam of rhythm, melody and spoken word represents, in the words of Headhunters percussionist Bill Summers, a “true fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, Rap, Salsa, Rock, New Orleans, African rhythm and its classical forms.”


The concept behind the new album is fitting – as noted in a recent article: “Jazz/fusion groundbreakers the Headhunters have been sampled by countless hip-hop and pop artists. These days, the band is incorporating rap and hip-hop into its own sound.”

The Headhunters
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“Mission Statement” (mp3)

“D-Funk (Funk With Us) [feat. Snoop Dogg & George Clinton]” (mp3)

“Paging Mr. Wesley” (mp3)

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