Lindstrøm Plays NY, LA, & SF in Feburary, Releases Remix of Glasser’s “Mirrorage”

Lindstrøm @ Santos Party House in New York City, The Vanguard in Los Angeles and San Francisco’s Mezzanine in February

Lindstrøm and Christabelle

It’s a rarity for Norway’s Lindstrøm to cross the pond more than once a year, but after a quick trip over last November, he’s once again gracing both New York and San Francisco in February with what will be his second show in 6 months, as well as making a highly anticipated first-ever appearance in Los Angeles at the Vanguard on February 11th.


Thur.    Feb. 10           New York, NY @ Santos Party House

Fri.       Feb. 11            Los Angeles, CA @ The Vanguard

Sat.      Feb. 12           San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine

While Lindstrøm’s label, Feedelity, has predominately been a vehicle for his original space-disco creations, Lindstrøm has brought another cosmic musician into the fold by way of a remix.  Glasser’sMirrorage” has been given the Lindstrøm treatment, though rather than overwhelming the mildly paranoid track with additional elements, he’s extended the aural odyssey by featuring the core components.  Cameron Miesrow’s witchy vocals mingle with the hypnotic, pulsating beats that seem to breathe with a life of their own.  Ominous bells twitch and tingle behind a smoke cloud of electronic rhythm and Meisrow’s tribal narrative is further deconstructed to create an abstract masterpiece.

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Lindstrøm’s “Mirrorage” remix

Lindstrøm’s “Baby Can’t Stop”

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