Menagerie ‘The Spiritual Jazz Selector Mix’


‘The Spiritual Jazz Selector Mix’ is a collection of tracks assembled by Menagerie – the new spiritual Jazz project from prolific producer Lance Ferguson. ‘They Shall Inherit’ was shaped by Lance’s reflections on fatherhood and the inherited sounds of past spiritual Jazz legends. This mix showcases an interpretation of just that, and includes a variety of influences from The Last Poets, Phil Ranelin, Richie Havens, and vibraphonist Roy Ayers (who is featured on the record)!

1. Menagerie – They Shall Inherit (Tru Thoughts)
2. The Last Poets – Blessed Are Those Who Struggle (Douglas/Casablanca)
3. Phil Ranelin – For The Children (Hefty)
4. Frank Foster – The Loud Minority (Mainstream)
5. Richie Havens – Sugarplums (Verve)
6. Roy Ayers – Lil’s Paradise (Atlantic)
7. Haki R. Madhubuti & Nation: Afrikan Liberation Arts Ensemble – Medasi – Children (Rise Records)
8. Roland Prince – Peoples Song (Vanguard)
9. Carlos Garnett – Mother Of The Future (Muse)

‘They Shall Inherit’ drops January 22nd (US) – and is available now in all other territories.…all-inherit/662