Musical Missionary — Helping Underprivileged Youth With Dope Tunes

Musical Missionary is a Miami based nonprofit charity and music label dedicated to providing music and arts education to underprivileged youth. The label accepts donated music from accomplished electronic music producers and release it under the Musical Missionary label to raise money for this cause. You can check out our releases on their Music page and make a donation on the Mission page.

“Break Out” is Musical Missionary’s first full-length compilation and features a diverse selection of tracks ranging from lush deep house and expressive techno to psychedelic dub-step and exotic downtempo. This LP is truly a showcase of the label’s past and future. Available as a continuous mix (blended by Brazilian Berliner Pedro Isoni aka Iso) and as separate tracks, “Break Out” features the original artists who fueled Musical Missionary’s initial progress – Chris Fortier, Darren DuVall, Pointbender, and Swanken — and shines a light on the label’s future with artists you will hear more from soon: Stunp & Symbio, Oilpanic, Miguel Colmenares and MikeZ.

Read more about Musical Missionary at the Miami New Times


“Come Back With The Love” (mp3)

“His Spirit” (mp3)

“Lose The Man” (mp3)

all tracks from “Break Out” (Musical Missionary)

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