Retro-Disco Don Ilija Rudman “Revealed”

Ilija Rudman has been a force of the underground disco scene for the past decade, in both production and as as a clever and eclectic DJ. Bringing together his love for pure analog sound, his disco singles indeed do sound like a blast from the Prelude, West End or Salsoul.

Ilija is a devoted and passionate man when it comes to music and this commitment is evident on his his first LP, ‘The Reveal’. One of his prerequisites for recording the LP was that the recordings be made with the same techniques and equipment that inspired him to make music in the first place. So Ilija hooked up with one of his studio mentors and got his dream line-up of synthesizers, Roland Jupiter 4 & 8, Minimoog, Roland SH2, Juno 60 and his dream drum machines Linn and Oberheim DMX. These analogue machines fire up to create a warm and authentic vibe across the whole LP.

Machines do have soul if used properly. The LP opens with the wigged out boogie of ‘Inspectors Drive’ which might be a little nod in the direction of Wally Badarou’s classic ‘Chief Inspector’.  We then get all Shep Pettibone with ‘Victory 2010’, ‘I Dub You So Much’ and ‘Gentle Fire’. ‘Prisoner Of Passion’ has the same special melodic bliss as Maze’s classic ‘Twilight’. ‘Show Me The Magic’ and ‘More Than A Memory’ have all the ingredients of DJ friendly hits.

The Reveal exhibits all the influences that Ilija has experienced and it shows the talent that runs inside him as he is able to make such an amazingly retro LP sound like something from the future. (Text courtesy of Bear Funk)

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  • 01. Inspectors Drive
  • 02. Victory 2010
  • 03. Prisoner Of Passion
  • 04. Congo Diamond
  • 05. I Dub You So Much
  • 06. Twenty Questions
  • 07. Show Me The Magic
  • 08. Romance Warrior
  • 09. Gentle Fire
  • 10. More Than A Memory

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