Shook Magazine Looks at What Makes Britain Great

In its tenth issue Shook magazine looks at its editors think makes Britain great – the sound systems, the pirate radio stations, the record shops, even its working class clubs in the North. With articles on 25 years of Kiss FM (feat. David Rodigan, Coldcut and Gordon Mack), an exclusive with Milo from the Wild Bunch (the sound system which gave birth to Massive Attack, Tricky and Nellee Hoopeer), Keith Mansfield on the KPM music libraries, Mala, the original digital mystick, Sticky, the producer behind Ms. Dynamite’s Booo! plus a survey of the UK’s record shops featuring recollections from The Raincoats to Kodwo Eshun, Squarepusher; and stories on Lovers Rock, Cymande, this is a guided tour of the UK taking in spots that most other tour guides will drive right past.

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