The Solar Sonics of “Rise”

2011 sees the release of the debut Rise album “Messages” on the Futuristica Music label, as well as forthcoming EPs from Mecca:83 and REdefinition.


Rise is a twentysomething beat technician/crate digger/musician from Manchester.

Currently recording for the Futuristica Music label, Rise has worked with and produced for artists such as Deborah Jordan, Replife, Jazz Chronicles, Low Budget Soul, Beit Nun, Truth & Spinnerty to name a few.

Under aliases such as Meccca:83 and REdefinition, he continues to explore new genres and spaces: expanding the ever growing list of pseudonyms that make up the Solar Sound System.

[soundcloud url=”″]

To get a taste of what this fellow is all about grab his “3 For Free” EP available for FREE download on his Bandcamp page.

Rise Myspace

Rise Soundcloud

But it from Groovedis or Dusty Groove



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