Unreleased Tracks by Domu For Free Download

“Umod 2″

Dominic Stanton

Since retiring from the music industry in 2009, Dominic Stanton aka Domu has stayed true to his intentions (read his letter explaining his departure here). However, being such a prolific artist subsequent to his retirement there is bound to be unreleased material in his catalogue and Domu has recently made some of his productions under the Umod alias available via Mr. Beatnick and Nutriot.

From Nutriot:
For those that don’t know, Umod has been Dominic Stanton’s moniker for his more hip-hop paced productions. He had an album out on Sonar Kollektiv in 2004, a personal favourite of mine since day one. The tracks below are alternate versions and some demos that never made it on a proper release – and chances are it will stay this way.

Amazing Maze
deadlock demo
EDNA domu beat
Jello Yack
2001leprechauns demo
Lonely People
Maxine 1
Miracle Fish
Omega Supreme V2
Robin Instr 2
Robin Instr 4
Serene Sister
Sing a Song
Warrior Princess
The Real Real Thing

If you haven’t been familiar with music from Umod (or even Domu), this is a great way to get you started. All thanks go to Mr. Beatnick, who got these tracks from the man himself.

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