Vive Le Funk Tropical: Two Compilations Document Catalan Rumba and Colombian Cumbia

Catalan Rumba Resurgence

In 2007 “Achilifunk”, a compilation and booklet selected and written by Txarly Brown, was released to much critical acclaim both in Spain and the rest of the world. “Achilifunk” was a surprise which opened the eyes of many, especially in Spain of the rich sounds of Catalan rumba, infused with ‘70s funk and disco.

Two years later Txarly paired the best rumba combos from Barcelona with international remixers for a new funky stew with rumba and electronica as the main ingredients. After the success of these two releases, Brown had to come up with something original for the third part. “Gitano Real” is that closing chapter of the Achilifunk trilogy. A musical evolution, an attempt to create a new rumba scene with what the predecessors have already accomplished. On “Gitano Real”, the best musicians from this new scene have come together to form a unique band. Disco, rap, funk, and soul blend with rumba and gypsy music on this incredible record.Together, they have all recreated, Achilifunk-style, a repertoire of rumba hits, funk classics, originals and the surprising eighties-style gypsy rap of “Bombéalo!”.

Txarly Brown co-ordinated and designed this project in his usual inimitable style, with deluxe packaging for the CD, consisting of a specially designed sleeve including a newspaper and digifile. It couldn’t be any other way: life is better when in it’s in style.

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”325″ params=”” url=”″] Banda Achilifunk & Original Jazz Orquestra Taller De Músics – Gitano Real CD by Lovemonk

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Sounds of Colombia

In 2007 British producer Will Holland (Quantic) moved to Cali, Colombia’s third largest city to pursue his passion for unearthing lost treasures from Colombia’s musical past. His latest artist album “Tradition In Transition” was a tribute to old-time cumbia and Latin jazz. With the compilation “Quantic presents Tropical Funk Experience” his penchant for digging up rare cumbia, salsa and afro-Colombian recordings bares fruit. The compilation features vintage cumbias and tropical rhythms from Colombia and neighbouring countries compiled by the Colombian-resident, globe-trotting DJ and music producer. Virtually all the tracks are impossible-to-come-by outside of Latin America and have been mastered by Quantic from his personal collection. A must have for cumbia fantatics.

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