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Zeb “The Spy From Cairo” Interview

Your involvement with fusing rhythm, roots and electronics stretches back many years, from the East Village’s Organic Grooves and Turntables on the Hudson to many parties and albums and beyond. How did you first become involved with this influential music scene in New York? I was here (in New York) mainly because i played guitar […]

Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez

BY JON FREER Beatsmith par excellence, Kenny “Dope” has been making records since the late 80s. His distinctive style, both on the decks and in the studio, comes from the way he applies a Hip Hop-centric approach to both making and spinning music. He became a house hold name through his partnership with the diminutive […]

Sarah Linhares’ Messages From the Future

An interview with Sarah Linhares Sarah Linhares is a passionate and eclectic singer, songwriter and performer. She began her love affair with music at an early age through singing in her church choir. Since then, her unique musical style has been shaped by an obsession with electronic music, singing in a multitude of gospel choirs, […]

From Dub With Love: Fredread’s Webcam Hi-Fi Spreads the Message of Roots Reggae

Dub and reggae were never meant to be entertainment, it’s a weapon without compromise –Lister Hewan-Lowe From his self-built and roots-minded hillside home and studio in Southwest France, Frédéric Luneau, aka Fredread constructs deep, mindful reggae that reaches an international audience with its powerful message.With Jamaican roots-reggae and dub roots as his inspiration, Fredread creates […]

Kode9 Interview on “Black Sun”

Kode9 Speaks on the release of “Black Sun” [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] It’s been 5 years since South London based duo Kode9 & the Spaceape’s debut album. On this new disc, named after Kode9’s influential 2009 single Black Sun, the intensity and themes of their debut Memories of the future remain, […]

Nick Edwards (aka Ekoplekz) Steps Out of the Sonic Shadows

Interview by John C. Tripp Nick Edwards still bares the stamp of his earliest sonic impressions, those seemingly benign songs and sounds that fill our minds and memories years later as adults. In his case it was the sounds of Bristol, UK in 1969. Edwards’ earliest exposure to experimental electronic music came via the insidious, […]